Spend Less Time Now! Creating Google Calendar Events

Get ready to spend a little less time staring at Google Calendar thanks to new updates Google is implementing. Maybe you can use the extra minutes doing something more useful, like listening to a podcast or doing the dishes.

Change is coming: Creating Google Calendar events will no longer require you to click a “More Options” button to add attachments, change details such as an event’s visibility, or grant permissions to guests to see the guest list and edit the event. The updates come a year after Google added other features like automatically adding guests and peeking at calendars.

“With these changes, you’ll now be able to add all of the necessary information to your Calendar event from one window,” said Google in its blog post.

Spend Less Time Now Creating Google Calendar Events 1

The “Find a time” feature is also being updated to enable you to view potential guests’ calendars so you can pick a time that works for everyone. Of course, this will only work perfectly if everyone uses Google’s calendar system to organize their lives.

Coming (very) soon: G Suite users on the rapid release track—meaning you get updates as soon as they’re released—will see the improvements starting this week. Those on the scheduled release track will see the changes in about a week.

Bottom line: You want to spend your time planning your actual events instead of fiddling around with Google Calendar to get things just right. With these new updates, you’ll be able to create the perfect invite quickly, then spend your time elsewhere.

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