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How to Protect & Disable Right Click on Images in WordPress

In this video tutorial, I’m going to show you how to protect your image Prevent image theft in WordPress.


Here this WordPress Plugins. ↓

1. Right Click Disable Orignal




Right, Click Disable Orignal is a free WordPress plugin. It gives users the ability to prevent right Click on WordPress site.The plugin is lightweight. Use it and Enjoy.


  • Prevent Right Click
  • It dose not show any dialog message after right click.
  • This is the lightWeight plugin.
  • This is the stable version plugin.
  • Small and well-written code plugin.
  • Stop saving images with right click.


2. Photection – Easy image protection for WordPress




Photection is a plugin to help you prevent image theft by disabling right-click on images on your site, without an impact on site usability (right clicks on everything else will still work!).

When a user right-clicks on your image, a small (customizable) message will appear telling him that the image is copyrighted.

Please keep in mind, that no plugin will ever make your images 100% secure. There will always be advanced techniques to steal your images, no matter what you do or which plugin you use. Here is an article about image protection online, you can read that to learn more.

That said – there is no reason why you should make it easy to save your images, and this plugin is designed to do just that.


Well, I hope this article must have helped you. If you have any problem regarding this post just drop your comment here or you can also say “Thanks” simply.

Have fun! 🙂


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