How to Recover Lost WordPress Password From phpMyAdmin

If you’ve forgotten your password in WordPress first, you do click “Lost your password?” and type your “Username or Email Address” and get a new password. How about you cannot still get in your dashboard. So I’m glad to share with you how to get login your website dashboard reset a WordPress password from phpMyAdmin.


First, to do log in your cPanel, you will need to access your MySQL database and then browse it via phpMyAdmin.


You will need to select the correct database on the left side. Look for the database name on the left sidebar.

You will look for the table “wp_users”, click on it and then click on the Browse Tab.


Click on the Pencil (Edit) Icon to reset your Password.


Now you will see a field that looks like this.


Then follow final steps looks like this:


1. Select “MD5” for the Function drop-down.

2. Change it’s value to a new password is called “admin“ (you can whatever you want to type value field.)

3. Click “GO” to save changes once you are done.

That’s it! Now you can go to “yourdomain.com/wp-admin” and log in with just you add the new password.


Well, I hope this article must have helped you. If you have any problem regarding this post just drop your comment here or you can also say “Thanks” simply.

 Have Fun 🙂


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